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Just a reminder that Greenwich's class assembly is this Friday at 2:45pm!

Physical Education

Physical Education at Forres Primary School 2017/18

The PE curriculum is broad and balanced, it is fun and delivered safely in a range of environments which develops all physical skills. All pupils receive two hours of timetabled PE each week over the school year.  The school is committed to supporting every child to be physically active.  Positive attitudes towards healthy and active lifestyles are encouraged among pupils.  The school sports clubs offered include activities that cater for and appeal to all pupils.  They enable pupils to utilise a range of skills and establish participation in competitions both within and between schools.

Spring Term 1


This half-term we have been introducing throwing and catching skills with Reception and looking to master the skill in Year 1 and 2. The children have had an opportunity to use various objects such as; bean bags, tennis balls, sponge balls, quoits, rubber animals and plastic balls, in order to familiarise themselves with different shapes, colours and textures. They have had the chance to work independently and in small groups.


This half-term we have been working on Basketball with KS2 going over the basics rules and skills including; dribbling, passing, shielding, defending, attacking and shooting. This culminated in an inter-class tournament, giving the children a chance to showcase what they've learnt.

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