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Parent Council

Parent Council


The Parent Council is a body made up of parents to discuss issues that may be concerning them within school. It is a chance to talk constructively with other parents and a representative of the school and governing body to bring about real changes. For more information please contact Mrs Jones in school, or Mrs Bassett as the chair.

Please see below a list of Parent Representatives for each Year group. As you can see there are some vacancies, if you are interested in representing your child's year group please let us know:

Year Group

Parent Representative



Sarah Scarlett 

Ava Scarlett

Year 1

Tess Payne

Isabelle Payne

Year 2

Kelly Fitzgerald

Isaac Fitzgerald

Year 3

Sian Bourdice

Danny and Cydni Bourdice

Year 4

Jo Higginson

Chloe Higginson

Year 5

Christina Danca 

Denis Danca

Year 6

Jenny Bassett

Daniel Bassett


Please check here for updates on the Parent Council including agendas and minutes